About Maya

Maya is a life coach specialising in overcoming grief which humans experience as a result of losing their beloved pets.

Since the age of 3, Maya has shared her life with animals, particularly rabbits and parrots.   Her grandparents had a small farm in the village in the mountains where she spent her weekends and school holidays playing with the animals, her favourite being the goats.

Having shared most of her life with animals, she has established a deep connection with nature and animals.   With the sharing of her life with pets, so comes loss.   Maya experienced loss of her pets from a very young age and over the years she has learned and developed coping skills on overcoming the pain, heartbreak and grief over her furry and feathery friends.   Maya has a passion for helping people with restoring their confidence and self-esteem affected by loss and grief.      She deeply understands how important pets are in our lives and the role and purpose they play.

Maya has a passion for writing,  art,  music,  yoga, meditation,  traveling and attending retreats in nature.  She is currently writing her second book which is about her experience with animals.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

Anatole France