Maya’s journey to animal communication

Maya reconnected with animal communication after losing her white rabbit Bello.

The sudden and unexpected loss of Bello was devastating for Maya and she started to search for answers. Bello led her to an animal communicator Trisha McCagh.  Maya has read her book “Stories from the animal whisperer” and completed a short course with Trisha on animal communication.

Maya is also very fond of Pea Horsely and Penelope Smith who are professional animal communicators and has read their books too. Reading these books have reminded Maya of her own gift to connect with animals.

Through life coaching and animal communication, Maya has found her own unique path,  passion and purpose in life.

To help Maya with the loss and grief of Bello, she started painting and writing.

This is a painting she did of Bello and his friend Smoki, who joined Bello over the rainbow Bridge shortly after.